Kari Jenkins


So I started on this journey as a yellow-haired she-lass whose eyes crackled with trouble. I never missed a chance to smell the musty paper of old library books, and when properly equipped, I began a rampage of word nerdery that plagued my friends and family. As it turns out, I am a writer-slash-editor, and a confirmed grammar geek. If you happen to catch me swearing like an oversalted seadog, at least you know that the F bomb will not be matched with a dangling preposition.


Yes, I obtained my English Literature degree from U.C.L.A. I am a little kooky about it too, so don’t mention that you went to the *other* school, and we will be okay. After that, I sat in the cubicle for some major stints as a proofreader/editor and then as an advertising executive for Verizon. I finished up my corporate term as a marketing associate for a financial firm. In the interim, my Mom was diagnosed with cancer, and I transitioned to working as a freelancer and taking care of her fulltime.


Moving forward, I learned a whole mess of a lot as I reinvented myself as an entrepreneur. Consequently, all of this experience and knowledge packed up neatly into a turquoise tote labelled, “creative”, and voila! Hot Kofe was born.


The rest is history, shall we say. I love what I do, the people I collaborate with, and the business I get to cultivate on my own terms. I am freaky-fond of the scent of jet fuel as I board a trans-atlantic flight; I get a bit itchy if I don’t have a tattered leaflet of some brilliant book in my hand; and I adore Broadway show tunes and Ted Talks. Oh, and the kofe. Don’t forget to bring some dark, meaty hot kofe.