Commitment to your success and fulfilment of our promises.

As a partnership in life as well as in business, we work hard to make every day authentic and purposeful. Some say we are crazy to spend so much time together. On certain days, we may agree, but for the most part, we feel grateful that we can share our inspirations with each other and build a business that makes us happy. Surrounded by a dedicated team of professionals who, on an individual level, possess distinct, specialized skills, knowledge and experience, we know that each member brings a specific talent that is original and unique.

Combined, we are epic.

Located in Long Beach, California, our company bridges the trendy, artsy Los Angeles County and the conservative, suburban Orange County. As resourceful specialists, we can adapt to each demographic. We have big ideas, big personalities and a lot of love for what we do. But it isn’t about us.

It’s all about YOU.

As we learn more about you, we will develop a business partnership with you; one that will be ongoing. By giving you the personal attention you need and setting you up for winning possibilities, we ensure a standard of excellence that surpasses all your expectations. And as we move forward, you will feel confident as we deliver exactly what we said we would. On time. Within budget. Who else can say that?



Kari Jenkins


So I started on this journey as a yellow-haired she-lass whose eyes crackled with trouble. I never missed a chance to smell the musty paper of old library books, and when properly equipped, I began a rampage of word nerdery that plagued my friends and family...

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Daniel TimTim


Who knows what they want to be when they grow up? For those of you who knew since they were kids, I say, “Congratulations!” I believe that is one of the great accomplishments in a person’s life. For the rest of us like me, we have to fumble through life, try different things, and after a lot of trial and error...

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What Our Clients Say

We value the work you and your team at Hot Kofe did for our Spray Pal video for the Intuit Small Business Big Game competition. We truly appreciate the professionalism, creativity and energy you brought to this project and we loved how easy you were to work with. We’ll definitely be recommending Hot Kofe to our friends.
Jen & Dave Aprea, OwnersSpray Pal, Inc.

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